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Android Development

The popularity of Android Smartphones increasing day by day & so the opportunities in this field are unlimited. Enabling of this kind of technology introduces the real benefits to businesses through the mobile platform. It is the open source dynamic platform for mobiles. As it is open source system made easier to customize and bring out the latest Android operating system versions.

Android nearly equipped around 60 % of the market share of users and by critics, this number going to increase in future. The most important feature that this operating system has that the number of applications the Android Play Store offers.

There is a problem of breakdown in security in beginning. With the advent of new ideas this problem is also solved & now this development is secure, user-friendly and not likely to cause problems with programming issues.

Daily billions of download hits are made in Play Store. Reasons …Users prone to mobile games and applications both young and adults. Recently thousands of games and applications have been developed on Google Store which means a great way to make a career in Android App Development to become expert in this and satisfy the needs of users.

For every person, mobile smartphones are part of their lives. These smartphones not only limited to sending text or e-mails but often rather help business which I said above to promote their products or services online.

Shine your career as an Android Developer through these simple tricks like:

Deep knowledge of these Languages

Android OS completely based on Java & C++. For database SQL is preferred. These languages help you make a good Android Developer and evenly raise your development career. It is difficult to make good games or apps without knowledge of these languages.

Main Aim User Experience

The main focus should be as an Android App Developer that to deliver custom user-friendly mobile apps. Having user-friendly and the interface is the main concern. Less the bugs, issues and 100 % in utility more the benefit to app.

Layout Designing Part

No matter how well your app is! If its graphics are not amazing the color schemes are not well used. Then your application is totally useless. This badly impacts your app review status which even leads to disaster. So keep your application designing and graphics attribute excellent, attractive, easy to operate and pleasant to the eye.

Audience | Marketing | Solution – Digital Marketing

The audience plays an important role whenever we launch any product or install an app. There are many factors that we take into consideration, First, we have to understand what trends in the market and the likes & dislikes factors. Think yourself as a user when developing an app.

This technology never paces slowly because it offers a wide range of benefits. More and more smartphones are developed with new OS and technology. One of the advantages of this technology is that being an open source platform it costs less. It helps in controlling customized apps for business and personal use. In one word, the Android market is booming across the globe.

Now even the career scope (jobs) for Android development increases because various organizations tend to offer mobile development services. With Android, companies also offering iPad/iPhone App Development because it is one of the popular brands and being preferred by most of the users.

This field requires technical as wells as creative skills. It is not easy to build apps without this knowledge. and different verticals are covered for this like technical skills means you have expertise in C++ and Java language, its libraries etc. whereas creative skills mean you have at least knowledge of mobile designing (layout, color, size etc)

Android Developer = It has to be technical + creative strong.

Competition is increasing day by day between Google Play Store & iPhone App Store. Because of the popularity competition is immeasurable. The future scope of Android Technology is very vast. As a conclusion, it’s a great field to make a career.

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