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Technology has made its marks in our society and has provided various ways to entertain us with some great means. Television has become a prime source for entertainment at every household. Not simply that it provides opportunities for individuals to know what’s happening in their surroundings via local news channels and keep themselves updated on international affairs.

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on the negative impacts of television but we will discuss come positive impacts of this great source of entertainment, educational learning source, and a news provider.


Television provides children opportunity to learn through the cartoons which teaches them Basic English and simple mathematics in many educating cartoons such ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘Sid the Science Kid’, while nature lovers can watch informative science programs on the Discovery and Animal Planet Channels. Increasing their information in an easy and entertaining way.


Today television increases vital cultural awareness of many cultural loving nations around the world. Through television, it’s very easy to learn a regions culture and their lifestyle, while sitting in the comfort of your own sofa in your bedroom. Channels such as ‘National Geographic’ have made it easy for us to know how people live around the world, how they cook, what they wear, how they earn and their religious values. Even real-life shows how others go through their strict life rules and portray their life situations which were never been known to us before.

Society and Interaction

Television provides opportunities for families to sit together and watch their favorite TV shows and live sports. It present chances for families and friends to sit together and have a good time, sharing their thoughts on certain issues, where they can interact with one another and knowing each other views. In addition, many TV shows these days invite viewers to call in and share their views on numerous issues, where they can share their thoughts and ideas to resolve many real-life situations, educating the viewers around the world.

News Updates

Nowadays there is a number of news channels updating their viewers about the latest happenings around the world. People are updated each minute regarding several news breaks happening around their society and international affairs. Political, social, health and religious news could be easily viewed on tons of local and international channels.

Additionally, weather updates keep us informed about the upcoming rainy season or dry spells near your city. Whereas business news keeps us updated on the fluctuations of many currencies and update us on any investment opportunities to flourish our investments easily.

By far television has been one of the greatest inventions from the past century. Providing us the opportunities to learn, entertain and keep our selves updated through numerous channels available 24/7. The benefits of television win out any negative impacts it has on our society, keeping us stay together with this fast growing world.

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What is the impact of technology?

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