What Is the Process for Dumpster Rentals in Virginia Beach

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People consider dumpster rentals in Virginia for many reasons. You might be remodeling and want a large space to dump all the old items or decide to do a huge spring-cleaning project and get rid of unwanted clutter.

It’s important to prepare for the dumpster rental process, which you’ll learn about today.

Step 1: Place Your Order and Schedule the Delivery

Most dumpster rental companies in Virginia allow you to order online. Simply choose the size you need, provide an address, and determine when you will require it on-site and for how long.

Some companies offer construction and residential dumpsters. If you’re unsure what you need, it’s wise to call before placing an order. A representative can advise you on the best options.

Step 2: Make Room for the Delivery

A few days before the dumpster is delivered, make sure you move objects out of the delivery area such as cars and toys. There should be no tree branches or wires above the space because the truck will require enough vertical clearance – 23 feet is the most you will need.

In general, the delivery truck requires roughly 60 feet of space to drop off the dumpster, and the placement location must be about 10.5 feet wide, at least.

Step 3: Mark the Delivery Area

When you’ve cleared the space, use something to mark off the area where you want the dumpster to sit so that the driver knows. Some homeowners put a sheet of plywood in that place to protect their driveways from scratches or scrapes.

Step 4: Get the Dumpster Delivered

On arrival day, make sure that the marked-off area is clear. Remove obstacles from the curb and lawn. You may want to contact the neighbors to ensure that all vehicles are off the street in front of the house.

Step 5: Fill the Dumpster

Before filling the dumpster, it’s helpful to know what things you can put in it. Most residential dumpsters are for common household debris, such as plastics, paper, and clothing.

Step 6: Get the Dumpster Hauled Away

If you pre-scheduled a pick-up time, the company will send a driver sometime on that appointed day. Otherwise, you can call whenever you’re finished with the dumpster, and someone will be by to collect it.

Easy Dumpster Rentals in Virginia Beach

It’s helpful to understand how dumpster rentals in Virginia work. With this information, you can easily order what you need and ensure smooth delivery and pick-up processes, as well as recycle your junk.