Zero Waste Kitchen: Mastering the Art of Food Preservation and Conscious Consumption

Avoiding food waste at home: the right actions

Food waste is a common phenomenon within households in Florida. Indeed, in the era of overconsumption, people tend to buy a large quantity of products: fruits, vegetables, meats and other foodstuffs.

After a while, food becomes moldy or reaches its expiration date. And presto, we’re going to throw them in the trash bin! Know that this innocuous gesture is a real financial loss. In addition, it accentuates the environmental problems linked to the management of household waste. Know that there are many tips to limit food waste at home.

Food waste in Florida

In Florida, the issue of food waste looms large, echoing a national trend in America. Despite its reputation as the Sunshine State, Florida grapples with staggering amounts of wasted food each year. From surplus produce left to rot in fields to untouched leftovers discarded by households and restaurants, the scale of the problem is massive. This wastage not only squanders valuable resources like water, land, dumpster rentals and energy used in food production but also exacerbates environmental concerns through methane emissions in landfills.

According to waste experts at Tallahassee Dumpster Rental HQ, such gigantic food waste has socioeconomic ramifications, as it contrasts starkly with the reality of food insecurity faced by many residents. While efforts are underway to address this issue through educational campaigns, partnerships with food banks, and state waste management legislation promoting food recovery programs, much work remains to be done. By raising awareness, implementing sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of mindful food consumption, Florida can take meaningful steps towards reducing this food waste and building a more resilient, equitable food system for its local communities.

Calculate the volume of products to purchase at shopping time

When shopping at the supermarket, we tend to buy a large quantity of products. Be careful, this habit promotes food waste. Indeed, the small tribe does not always manage to consume all the provisions and we are already going to do the shopping again. Result: food products accumulate over time and end up in the trash at some point.

This type of situation must be avoided to protect the environment. The trick is to establish a list of products to buy and the quantities needed before going shopping. The objective is to determine the exact consumption in order to reduce food waste at home.

In supermarkets in Floridian cities like Tallahassee, it’s difficult to resist the great discounts and promotions on this or that product. To take advantage of this attractive offer, we tend to make compulsive purchases and often in very large quantities. In most cases, these foodstuffs are thrown in the trash and cannot be reused.

Check the expiration date of products

When purchasing food products, you must carefully examine the Best Before Date or DLC of the food. This information “to be consumed until…” is visible on the packaging. Once the expiration date has passed, food products should be thrown into the trash due to the risk of toxicity. So, pay attention!

It should be noted that some foodstuffs are quickly perishable. We can cite meats, cold meats, fish, seafood, unsterilized ready meals and dairy products. If you buy these products, it is wise to consume them very quickly to respect the indicated expiration date. Don’t hesitate to improvise a menu to use up leftovers in the fridge.

On the other hand, some products are less perishable. They benefit from a Minimum Durability Date with the mention “to be consumed preferably before…”. This information means that it is still possible to consume the product beyond this period, provided that the packaging is intact. Storage of these foodstuffs over a long period is therefore possible. This is the case for pasta, rice, salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, powdered milk, puree, condiments packaged in cans, etc.

For fruits and vegetables, it is wise to buy fresh local products. These last for a long time, have a good taste and are full of valuable nutrients.

Store products properly

To avoid food waste, it is not necessary to go shopping every day. The trick is to stock up and store products well to avoid waste. Indeed, there are many preservation methods: refrigeration, freezing, pasteurization, using a clean, airtight container, etc. It should be noted that each food product has ideal preservation methods. For example, meats and dairy products should be refrigerated immediately after shopping. For fruit, it is possible to make compotes or even jams.

Despite following these tips, there are still some foodstuffs to throw in the trash? Please note that there are many ways to recycle this organic waste, such as composting.

Plastic pollution: definition, causes and consequences

Definition: what is plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of waste composed of plastic and its derivatives throughout the environment.

Light, resistant, affordable, it is estimated that more than 10 tons of plastic are produced every second for massive reuse in all industries around the world, often through single-use products.

However, plastic has a long lifespan and never completely disappears from the environment in which it is thrown. It finds itself abandoned in our cities, in the middle of nature and to the bottom of the oceans where more than two thirds of our waste ends up landing. The equivalent of several million tons per year.

In the form of visible garbage or microparticles as it slowly degrades, plastic pollution poses significant threats to terrestrial and aquatic habitats and the wildlife that have settled there, whether through ingestion, entanglement or exposure to chemicals contained in the material. Products that eventually reach humans, through the food chain.

Easily understand plastic pollution

It is difficult to approach ecology without mentioning plastic and its disastrous consequences on the environment. As warnings become more and more urgent, what place does plastic really occupy on our planet, and what are the threats to all living beings, including humans? And above all, is it still possible to remove the mountains of plastic waste that are piling up in nature?

The current context

The question is important because today, plastic is everywhere. It has made its way into our packaging, our construction methods and even into the smallest everyday objects. In our toothbrushes, our straws, our razors and even our toothpaste, today it is impossible to go a day without encountering one way or another.

And if it has become essential to our daily lives, all the ecosystems of the Earth benefit from it despite themselves, through the toxic discharges linked to its manufacture or our waste, present in colossal quantities in the oceans in particular. In 1997, during one of his expeditions, the American oceanographer Charles Moore discovered what is now called the 7th continent, a gigantic mass of waste floating in the heart of the North Pacific.

Since then, four other areas of massive plastic accumulation have been identified, in all the oceans of the planet. If only this had been recycled instead of ending up in the oceans!

The history of plastic

However, in 1963, the recent invention of polypropylene and polyethylene, two derivatives of plastic, was rewarded with a double Nobel Prize in Chemistry. At the same time, the introduction of the first plastic bag constituted a small revolution in a society gradually won over by mass consumption.

Since Antiquity, civilizations have used the plastic properties of amber, rubber or horn through their everyday objects. However, it was not until the second half of the 19th century that the first semi-synthetic plastics appeared, obtained from natural materials modified by chemicals.

In 1856, goldsmith Alexander Parkes filed the patent for the first artificial plastic intended to replace ivory, which was then massively imported. The discoveries then followed rapidly, from the invention of PVC in 1880 to those of bakelite from which rotary telephones would be made in the following century.

The mass consumption and the diversification that we are witnessing at the end of the Second World War open the way to a new industry in which petrochemicals will occupy a place of choice. New plastics are becoming entirely synthetic and are obtained from oil or natural gas, to meet the growing needs of populations. Plastic offers more comfort and versatility. And a century later, the material has gone from silver bullet to one of our planet’s worst enemies.

Mass production that began in the 1960s gradually accelerated. 448 million tons of plastic were produced worldwide in 2015 alone, and production is expected to double again by 2050. With an almost infinite lifespan, it is therefore all the plastic ever produced that still litters the land and the oceans.

The cost of renting a dumpster in Marietta, GA

Given all the plastic waste in the USA and in Georgia in particular, some residents and businesses use dumpster rental services in order to discard all their plastic waste at once.

The cost of renting a dumpster in Marietta, GA, can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the price is influenced by the size of the dumpster you need, the duration of the rental, the type of waste you’ll be disposing of, and the specific rental company you choose.

For a standard 10-yard dumpster, you might expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $400 for a week-long rental. Larger dumpsters, like 20 or 30 yards, will naturally cost more, ranging from $350 to $600 or more for a week. Keep in mind that some companies might also charge additional fees for exceeding weight limits or extending the rental period.

The type of waste matters too. Household junk or construction debris is usually cheaper to dispose of compared to hazardous or regulated materials, which might incur additional fees due to special handling and disposal requirements.

To get an accurate cost estimate for renting a dumpster in Marietta, it’s best to contact local rental companies directly, like Marietta Dumpster Guys. They can provide quotes tailored to your specific needs and help you navigate any local regulations or permit requirements, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective disposal process for your project.

What Is the Process for Dumpster Rentals in Virginia Beach

People consider dumpster rentals in Virginia for many reasons. You might be remodeling and want a large space to dump all the old items or decide to do a huge spring-cleaning project and get rid of unwanted clutter.

It’s important to prepare for the dumpster rental process, which you’ll learn about today.

Step 1: Place Your Order and Schedule the Delivery

Most dumpster rental companies in Virginia allow you to order online. Simply choose the size you need, provide an address, and determine when you will require it on-site and for how long.

Some companies offer construction and residential dumpsters. If you’re unsure what you need, it’s wise to call before placing an order. A representative can advise you on the best options.

Step 2: Make Room for the Delivery

A few days before the dumpster is delivered, make sure you move objects out of the delivery area such as cars and toys. There should be no tree branches or wires above the space because the truck will require enough vertical clearance – 23 feet is the most you will need.

In general, the delivery truck requires roughly 60 feet of space to drop off the dumpster, and the placement location must be about 10.5 feet wide, at least.

Step 3: Mark the Delivery Area

When you’ve cleared the space, use something to mark off the area where you want the dumpster to sit so that the driver knows. Some homeowners put a sheet of plywood in that place to protect their driveways from scratches or scrapes.

Step 4: Get the Dumpster Delivered

On arrival day, make sure that the marked-off area is clear. Remove obstacles from the curb and lawn. You may want to contact the neighbors to ensure that all vehicles are off the street in front of the house.

Step 5: Fill the Dumpster

Before filling the dumpster, it’s helpful to know what things you can put in it. Most residential dumpsters are for common household debris, such as plastics, paper, and clothing.

Step 6: Get the Dumpster Hauled Away

If you pre-scheduled a pick-up time, the company will send a driver sometime on that appointed day. Otherwise, you can call whenever you’re finished with the dumpster, and someone will be by to collect it.

Easy Dumpster Rentals in Virginia Beach

It’s helpful to understand how dumpster rentals in Virginia work. With this information, you can easily order what you need and ensure smooth delivery and pick-up processes, as well as recycle your junk.

Recycling In The U.S. Is Broken

The Recycling Industry Crash – What Happened

People got more proficient at recycling by the time it became more popular in the 1960s and 1970s. US residents were aware of how to properly separate their garbage, how to thoroughly clean the packaging, and what materials should not be placed in the recycling container. Recyclables were a relatively new concept, but they were functioning effectively.

During the period in which production increased at a rapid rate in US, the country had a pressing demand for a large quantity of raw materials to supply its industries. They began importing recyclables from other countries as a solution to this problem. This was a significant turning point for the recycling sector all around the world, including not only the United States but also Europe.

Then, the concept of recycling using a single stream was developed. Suddenly, instead of going into different bins as they had been doing previously, all recyclables were placed into the same one.

Another significant movement occurred in the market as a result of this, as you can undoubtedly anticipate. The process of recycling was simplified for individuals, which encouraged a larger number of people to engage in the activity. The amount of waste that was recycled increased, but along with the mixed materials came an increased risk of contamination.

However, because batches were excessively contaminated with food scraps and other materials that couldn’t be recycled, thirty percent of it was unable to be recycled by waste management company in the end.

Every year, United state’s coasts release between 1.3 and 1.5 million metric tonnes of waste into the world’s oceans. Then there are the smaller streams that are polluted in their rural areas and countryside.

So in 2018, United states environmental laws tightened. They prohibited the import of recycling batches which contained contaminants that were greater than 1.5% of the total. Due to the fact that single-stream recycling has been widely used for many years and that the contamination rate is so high, it is clear that the majority of batches are unable to satisfy this requirement. The millions upon millions of recyclables that are collected annually in the Western United States had nowhere to go all of a sudden.

Consequences Of The Recycling Industry Crash

Even today, the United States ships over million metric tonnes of garbage out every year, much of it considered unusable due to contamination. And there are consequences. Some of the issues that have plagued the United States in recent years include crop failure, contaminated drinking water, respiratory ailments, and organised crime… All of them have been linked to the export of recyclables.

When one considers the impact that all of these transfers have on the environment as well as the damage that contaminated batches cause to communities. It is reasonable to assume that recycling industry was already struggling before to the economic downturn. The crash that occurred in 2018 was, in some respects, the emergency brake being pulled on for good.

But years later, the recycling business is still in a state of crisis. What are the current challenges in the recycling business in the United States?

Challenges In The U.S. Recycling Industry

The Western world has been dependent on waste exports from China and other South-East Asian countries for several decades. Because of this, their domestic recycling businesses were never able to reach their full potential. Because there was no true market for the recyclable material in their respective countries.

However, countries that successfully close a recycling loop on their own enjoy a number of significant benefits. To start, it would result in a significant reduction in the amount of transportation needed for millions of the batches per year.

In addition it would ensure that materials that have been recycled are really put to use. And of course, it would help make certain that tragedies of a similar nature do not occur again in the future.

How To Fix Broken Recycling In The U.S.

Despite the fact that a lot of people are very concerned about the environment, not everyone actually does something in order to save it. That’s what we mean when we say US recycling is broken.

Recycling is an essential part of our everyday lives and we should all be doing it. If you’ve been putting off recycling because you don’t know how, or you do it, but the service provider provides a bad service, then it’s time to find a way that’s better for you.

One way to do this is to rent a dumpster. It’s that simple. Your town likely has a dumpster rental service that you can simply call and arrange to drop one off at your house.

Dumpster rentals are typically cheaper than having it picked up by the city or than paying a company to collect your recyclables and take it to a place yourself. You should check into dumpster rental services in your town because they could be the answer to your recycling problems.

What is Waste Management

Why waste management is important

Waste management is a service that helps keep your environment clean and livable. Businesses produce tons of waste each year and it can get very messy and dangerous if they aren’t properly thrown away. The good news is that there are waste management and dumpster rental companies that can make your life a lot easier. First, they keep the city clean by picking up trash and disposing of it properly.

Next, they help keep the city safe by making sure that the trash is disposed of far away from where people live. The last reason why waste management is important is that it helps the environment by keeping cities clean and replacing harmful products (like plastic bottles) with eco-friendly products.

How are Waste management and Dumpster Rentals done

Waste management refers to the ways in which societies and communities manage waste. It is a field of study that deals with all the methods and technologies used in the gathering, transport, treatment and disposal of waste materials. In general, the main aim of waste management is to manage all the waste which is produced in an appropriate manner.

There are several types of waste that is generated in the society such as household waste, construction waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, etc. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of the waste and they are the ones who are responsible for setting up the methods and policies regarding the waste management.

Waste management is a vital part of environmentalism. Here are a few ways waste management is done. First, make sure you’re getting rid of your waste properly. Don’t just throw it away, because that can backfire. You’ll have to pay fines, so don’t do it! Second, make sure you recycle or rent a dumpster to bring the junk in bulk to the nearest landfill. It’s a great way to help the environment and save money.

Challenges of waste management

The challenges of waste management are many and complex. From local landfills to complex waste systems, waste management is a difficult and expensive obstacle. Fortunately, modern technology has made the waste management process much more efficient, with the use of recycling and the implementation of new and innovative methods for waste disposal.

  1. Recycling is a great way to reuse and repurpose materials that would otherwise go to waste.
  2. Recycling not only helps the environment and reduces the amount of waste our landfills produce, but it also saves money.
  3. Modern waste disposal systems are capable of processing more waste than ever before.

The Scope of Waste Management

The scope of waste management involves the processes that ensure materials are kept from overwhelming landfills , are kept from overwhelming the environment, and are kept from overwhelming society. It is impossible for any business or organization to avoid waste. It is a fact of life and a fact of business.

However, there is a fine line between good waste management and bad waste management. Waste management is vital for providing the framework for business processes and activities, including dumpster rental services. Without it, garbage can build up quickly and throw off the balance of nature. It can even compromise public health and stability. A good waste management company takes care of all of their clients’ needs and is reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

What are the benefits of waste management

Waste management is very important for businesses and households. It protects the environment from pollution and keeps harmful waste from harming the ecosystem. It prevents diseases from spreading, saves money by recycling, decreases deforestation and preserves the natural beauty of the land. Having regular waste disposal routine will ensure your business and household is an eco-friendly area that is clean and healthy for everyone.

If you’re in a business that deals with waste or produces waste, then you need to find ways to work with waste in a way that benefits your business and your customers. There are two main benefits of waste management: cost reduction and resource conservation.

Waste can cost you a lot of money. Diverting waste from landfills helps you save a lot of money and making sure you sell your waste instead of throwing it in the trash helps you save even more.

When you make sure waste is handled in the proper way, you’re reducing environmental impact. This can help you not only conserve resources but also get tax breaks for being an environmentally-friendly business.

The importance of dumpster rentals

Cleanliness is next to godliness and by taking care of the Earth, you are doing the right thing. Being kind to the Earth and learning to be less wasteful is important. The environment is supposed to be protected by all and as long as you’re being a clean person, you can’t be a bad person. There are many ways you can be kind to the Earth.

Do not litter. Take care of the plants and animals that live on the land and in the water. Recycle when you can, and be sure to separate your trash and put it in the appropriate bins and you can be happy knowing that you’re doing your part to help.

Waste management is a rather serious problem that is only becoming bigger as the world’s population grows. It’s important to have a proper waste disposal system in place to reduce the amount of waste that is tossed around. There are many effects from a lack of waste management.

There are more health hazards and the amount of land that is needed for disposing waste rather than for things like homes and parks. Slowly, land will disappear as it is taken up by trash, unless you use a dumpster rental to send your trash to the local landfill. The most important concern is the effect that a lack of a solid waste disposal system has on our planet.

What are the environmental impacts of waste disposal

The most significant damage caused by waste disposal practices is that they are toxic and can cause cancer and other health issues. Because we are creating more and more trash, we are also increasing the risk of creating a toxic environment. If we continue like this, we could be threatening the health of all species on Earth, including our own. Another factor is that the waste products from one country can be toxic for others.

Best Online Numerology Services

Are you in some form of distress? Inspite of your persistent efforts life sort of holds out on you. Maybe you tried being skeptical in an effort towards unearthing life’s concealed mysteries. Tried to take control of your life, pulled yourself together every single day in an otherwise futile attempt that may somehow or in someway lead you to life’s revelations.

Or you are just tired of sitting around twiddling your thumbs for things to fall into place. For some it may be the matter of one’s faith in divine and a will to know the truth behind numbers. For other inquisitive beings, it is just a curious “why”. Turning to numerology may be a last resort for many out there but for who believe it is the same as one’s belief in the deity or religion. So what exactly does numerology propose? Let’s ponder.

Do the numbers speak?

As stars are to astrology, numbers are to numerology. Numerology basically sums up to finding and establishing a meaningful correlation between number of significance and the events in relation. A depiction of a numbers being influential enough to steer one’s life towards some event.

Apparently numerology is not some modern day resource, its prevalent use in explaining occurings can be dated back to the beginning of times. It can assist you in discovering your character traits, help you in understanding your hidden talents and in analyzing your relationships.

Life Path

The principal number in numerology shows how one’s life is going to turn out, what is good for them or what might be in store for them in the coming future. Life path unravels for you a broad view of challenges, lessons and opportunities you will encounter during this lifetime.

Find your life path number

Apparently, it is pretty elementary to find out your life path number. It’s simple mathematics. (That comes easy to all!) Here’s how.

Take your date of birth (month/day/year) and reduce each of them to a single digit. Then take the sum of all those and reduce the result to single digits. The conclusive digit is your life path number. (Pretty easy!) But understanding the meaning behind these numbers and interpreting them still remains a task for experts. A Numerologist. This is what it is all about. Finding out the one that is best for you.

Numerology Services

With the advent of the internet era, every possible business kind of pounced upon the first opportunity to get online. A global outreach became the first order of business. Getting clients from every possible corner of the planet, diversifying the customer base while locking on to the profits. How could numerology hold back? Lets have a look into some of the leading numerology services online and what they have to offer. 


It is one of the leading online destination for numerology services. They excel in a variety of numerology services offering such as:

  • Learning the basics of numerology
  • Number meanings
  • Free numerology calculators
  • Numerology compatibility
  • Name numerology
  • Live chat with psychics

When you create an account with Numerology, you will get your first Numerology Sun Number. They are not just limited to offering services but a better understanding for those intended to get a grasp on the subject.


Numerologist is a team of experts from different spheres of life who have come together to offer their services on the subject and impart wisdom and insight you need. A highly interactive and promising portal with over a million subscribers on social media, numerologist is the ultimate solution. Besides numerology they also provide services like predictions, astrology, divination and tarot. So if you find yourself in two minds, here are five things that numerologist promises you:

  • Credibility and Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Education and Wisdom
  • Community
Decoz World Numerology

We kept searching and scrolling to get just that service best suited to your numerology needs and landing on Decoz Numerology. It offers an application service for its customers on a subscription basis. The World Numerology Application comes bearing 18 personal readings and charts created just for you. These include services like:

  • Personality profile
  • Yearly forecast
  • Relationship profile
  • Lucky numbers
  • Talent profile
  • Name advisor services

It’s a sea of sites to choose from either free or payable. Along with all that there are several other consultant numerologista, freelancers and numerology softwares whose services you can avail, as well as dream interpretation experts. Some of these that can be taken into consideration are:

  • Medium Amanda
  • Numerology 369
  • Widening Horizons
  • Nancy Laine
  • Felicia Bender
  • Jane Alton

We have taken the utmost care in curating a list of authentic websites and individual numerologists best suited for you. Lay back, take a breath and consult the best in the business. If you come across better ones or the ones that could make our list more valuable, feel free to share with us. What more can we say! Let the numbers speak to you. 

Motivational Tips To Burn More Calories

You do not need a full tank of fuel to drive it. You just have to prevent the tank from running empty in order for the car to keep moving. 

If you start to notice that you are losing your last bit of motivation to keep on exercising regularly or to stay committed to your diet program, step back and give yourself a two-day break at most. According to Joshua C. Klapow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the more you catch on with your motivation, the more elusive it gets. 

Assuming that you have taken a break from your weight loss routine, how do you jump back in and keep yourself moving forward? Follow the weight loss motivation tips below to help you get back on track and finally hit your goal. 

Make A List

List down all the reasons why you need to exercise, eat healthy and lose weight. Ask yourself, what are you losing weight for? 

Is it because you want to lower your risk of getting a heart attack? Or perhaps you want to fit in a wedding dress for your upcoming special day? Write specific reasons why losing weight is important to you and revisit them once more every week until you have hit your target. 

Set Goals That Go Beyond The Scale

Losing 6 pounds in 2 weeks sounds like an achievable goal. However, even clear goals like this can become vague when you start to keep track of your scale every single day. What you need to do is set smaller daily goals that go beyond the numbers on your scale. 

For example, list down that you will only eat a bowl of salad and half a cup of vanilla ice cream for dinner. Narrowing down your goals by specifying them in a daily “to-do” list will help you stay focused. Always remember that becoming healthy does not only reflect on your scale. Your daily health decisions are part of it too.

Be Patient 

Everybody dreads that weight loss “plateau”. At some point in your weight loss program, there will be a time when your body just can’t seem to get rid of any weight any more. When this happens to you, just stay patient. If you keep going and apply the necessary tweak in your diet and exercise routine, you will eventually start seeing results again. 

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

There are times that you will have minor slip offs, specially with your diet. You might eat an extra slice of pie, or indulge over another bowl of ice cream. Just remember that nobody is perfect. Whatever you indulge on, do not be too hard on yourself as this can ruin your motivation. 

The next time you stumble on a hurdle like this, try to think about the reason why you lost focus. Your weight loss journey is not just about losing excess weight, it is also gaining more knowledge on how to become healthy. 

Surround Yourself With Everything Healthy

Make an effort to grocery shop weekly and purchase fresh produces for your meals. Stock your fridge with healthy foods and eliminate processed meals. Encourage yourself to eat more fruits by preparing a basket on top of your counter where you can easily grab an apple or orange when you feel hungry. 

Acknowledge What You Are Doing

Lastly, acknowledge what you are doing. Do not hide away your workout clothes, shoes or equipment. Keep them in sight and possibly near your door even if it clutters your home. Doing so will serve as a constant reminder that staying healthy and exercising regularly is not just a one-time-whim, but it is already a part of your everyday life.

It is easy to lose motivation and quickly turn to negativity when you face a challenge like losing a significant amount of weight. 

If you find yourself uninspired, list down all of the good things that you have achieved so far. Shift your focus on self appreciation rather than pessimism. Losing weight can be a long battle. So commend yourself for doing a good job at every chance you get and keep moving forward one step at a time.

The Early Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a sneaky illness. Many early signs and symptoms of this disease are often mild that they can be difficult to spot.

Some people do not even find out until they experience the damages that high blood sugar levels have caused to their health. There are also other patients that consider the early signs of fatigue or stress-related. 

An endocrinologist named Dr. Susan Spratt from at Duke University School of Medicine says that it is normal for other people to be asymptomatic, even if they show positive results of abnormal blood sugar. 

According to her, signs such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, and dry mouth can be determinants of early type 2 diabetes. This renowned doctor and professor is not lying about diabetes. If these three show up altogether, it should be enough reason to make you see a doctor. 

So what are the other telltale warning signs of type 2 diabetes? 

Hunger Associated with Fatigue

The cells in your body take up energy for your body to function correctly. This energy typically comes from the glucose of the food you eat.  Insulin brings the glucose into the cells for it to be utilized. The only problem here is diabetic patients have issues with their insulin levels. 

Some patients do not have enough, while some do not produce this hormone anymore. When your body does not produce enough or resists to produce any insulin, the glucose cannot get into the cells. It causes weakness, hunger, and fatigue. 

Constantly Urinating

An average person usually pees between four to six times in a day. But for people with diabetes, they go to the bathroom more often. Usually, the kidney filters our blood, expelling waste while reabsorbing glucose. 

But for diabetic patient who has excess glucose in the blood, the kidneys react to it by flushing it out of the blood and into the urine. As a result, more fluids are expelled from the urine and the need to urinate frequently occurs. 

Always Thirsty

For people with diabetes, drinking a lot of water due to excessive thirst is normal. It is a result of the excessive glucose in the bloodstream. When you have high blood sugar levels, your tissue tens to draw water away from your tissues, making you feel thirsty and a bit dehydrated. To quench this thirst, you need to drink plenty of water, which then leads to frequently urinating. 

Itchy Skin

Patients with diabetes tend to become dehydrated, especially when they do not drink enough water. Because of this, it can lead to dry skin and other skin-related issues like dermatitis, psoriasis, and thrush. Whenever one scratches and cause a break in the skin, the body can send inflammatory chemicals which can then further intensify the itch and the need to scratch even more. 

Blurry Vision

To some people with diabetes, the problems with eyesight can be a temporary problem. However, this can rapidly become serious when the condition gets worse. High blood sugar levels cause the lens of the eyes to swell up and affect its vision. This problem can be corrected by maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.  

When these early signs and symptoms of diabetes become evident, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice about your health condition. Diabetes is not a manageable illness to care for. As it disrupts your body’s metabolic processes further, the complications can be dire. It could even cause death if left untreated. 

Diabetes is an illness that could not be cured. But many have led healthy lives by managing their condition well. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, early detection of this disease is also vital. The earlier it is caught, the easier it is to reverse this illness.  

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in Korea

Thanks to the rising beauty standards and the entry of social media, plastic surgery is an industry that will not disappear anytime soon.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was a 3% growth rate in cosmetic procedures compared to 2015, and it is no secret that South Korea is one of the countries leading today when it comes to medical tourism.

With such a global demand for plastic surgery, it is not surprising that foreigners shift their attention to Korea to find the specialist they need.

The primary purpose why they look into other countries to get plastic surgery is because they seek the affordability of the service without risking the quality of work. 

In Korea, there is not a single stigma to plastic surgery. In fact, most parents in the middle to upper class encourage and even offer this as an 18th birthday gift for their daughters. Men can also freely get a procedure done without feeling ashamed . 

If you want to know why plastic surgery in Korea became a hotspot for medical tourism, here are six reasons below:

  1. As the market is competitive there, costs are lower compared to the procedures carried out in other countries. 
  2. They offer several types of procedures and treatments within the realm of plastic surgery right from hair restoration procedures to liposuction procedures involving the arms, thighs, and belly.
  3. There is a wide range of services which anybody can avail at an affordable package. 
  4. South Korea spares no expense in ensuring their patient get the treatment and results they desire by utilizing state of the art equipment. 
  5. They have skillful practitioners and the top surgeons are certified by the Korean Board of Plastic Surgery.
  6. South Korea is accessible by flight from just about anywhere in the world. 
  7. Every surgery package involves pre-operative care, tests, surgical or non-surgical treatment and procedures, and postoperative care to patients, with no hidden charges.


Here are the top seven plastic surgeries popularly sought after by many foreigners and Koreans alike. 


While the main goal of rhinoplasty in the West is to achieve a smaller-looking nose, Korea uses this procedure to enhance the nose bridge. In this method, cartilage is often taken from the patient’s ribs or ears which will then be used to form the desired nose shape.

Eye-Widening Surgery (Epicanthoplasty)

This procedure is favorable for people who want to change the shape of their eyes. To make the eyes appear different or bigger, the surgeon will create tiny incisions at the corner of the eyelids. It is also a standard procedure for people who want to undergo a double eyelid surgery. It was reported that 8 out of 10 patients who go through double eyelid surgery opt for this method as well. 

Double Eyelid Surgery

Tourists from neighboring Asian countries who seek a plastic surgery in Korea aims to get a double eyelid surgery. This procedure is known to change the “monolid” look into a “double eyelid” appearance. “Monolid” refers to having no crease or folds in the eyes. It is a common trait among Asians all over the world. By getting a double eyelid surgery, the surgeon will reposition or remove excess tissues on the lids. 

Jawline Reduction

Jawline reduction is invasive as it requires creating an incision inside the mouth and shaving off the mandible to achieve that “V” look. Many foreigners who want to soften their strong jawline choose this procedure to get that “V” facial shape. The aesthetic of having a sharp chin is also very popular among Koreans. 

Forehead Augmentation

Forehead Augmentation typically lasts an hour and involves inserting an implant beneath the skin of the forehead. The fillers or implants are used to make the forehead appear fuller and rounder. 

Chin Augmentation

This procedure uses dermal fillers or implants to provide the patient a more defined and angular face. Chin augmentation usually takes place alongside rhinoplasty to balance out the facial features of a perfect silhouette. 

Hair Transplant

This is a cosmetic procedure prevalent among men who suffer from hair loss and receding hairline. Hair transplant involves transplanting someone else’s hair onto the patient. It is less invasive as the other procedures on this list as the surgeon would only need to graft hair follicles to the balding spot on the head.

Today, South Korea is one of the leading countries regarding surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Because of the doctors’ competency, more tourists are enticed to get a surgery done by their board-certified doctors. Aside from the lower cost, their use of state-of-the-art equipment also plays a role in their popularity and success in medical tourism.

New Technologies

Contrary to a widespread image, computer scientists or experts in new technologies are not researchers passionate about technique, immersed in their algorithms, hermetic to the outside world.

Even creators and system administrators have to meet the needs of customers.

But if you want to marry your passion for new technologies and your taste for contact with others, other trades will better meet your aspirations. Training users in new hardware and software, assisting them or troubleshooting them are activities that call on advanced technical and relational skills.

Finally, for all those who love selling, the marketing of high-tech products can also be a very interesting activity.

Be at the forefront of technology

When computer systems and networks have been created in the enterprise, engineers and technicians became responsible for exploiting them, maintaining them and improving them by following technological developments. 24 hours a day, they make sure they run smoothly so that everyone can always access all the information they need to work.

If the performance of a company’s computer and telecom networks is very important, their security is vital: engineers must protect them from viruses, hackers, and guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

Always on the lookout for a malfunction or technological developments, IT managers are responsible for the purchase and the good condition of all IT equipment companies.

Create, invent

For a video game character to live and evolve on the screen, for a computer to recognize the voice, to sort, archive, exchange millions of information in a bank, so that your friends receive your text message, it is clear at a certain moment men must have transmitted this intelligence to the machine.

Researchers, analyst-programmers, computer and electronics engineers are inventing ever more sophisticated software to meet the needs of their customers.

For the Rover robot to explore the planet Mars, to maintain a constant temperature in a house, trigger watering at a fixed time or its coffee when it wakes up, it requires the intervention of professionals of robotics, home automation, a science that mixes computers, electronics, telecommunications: they program and coordinate tasks between them.

Finally, to be able to call all over the world, so that all departments or subsidiaries of a company can communicate with each other, networks must be created to allow the flow of information.

It is the work of network architects, information system architects who analyze needs, imagine, test technical solutions and oversee their implementation.