Zero Waste Kitchen: Mastering the Art of Food Preservation and Conscious Consumption

Avoiding food waste at home: the right actions Food waste is a common phenomenon within households in Florida. Indeed, in the era of overconsumption, people tend to buy a large quantity of products: fruits, vegetables, meats and other foodstuffs. After a while, food becomes moldy or reaches its expiration date. And presto, we’re going to… Continue reading “Zero Waste Kitchen: Mastering the Art of Food Preservation and Conscious Consumption”

Plastic pollution: definition, causes and consequences

Definition: what is plastic pollution Plastic pollution is the accumulation of waste composed of plastic and its derivatives throughout the environment. Light, resistant, affordable, it is estimated that more than 10 tons of plastic are produced every second for massive reuse in all industries around the world, often through single-use products. However, plastic has a… Continue reading “Plastic pollution: definition, causes and consequences”

Recycling In The U.S. Is Broken

The Recycling Industry Crash – What Happened People got more proficient at recycling by the time it became more popular in the 1960s and 1970s. US residents were aware of how to properly separate their garbage, how to thoroughly clean the packaging, and what materials should not be placed in the recycling container. Recyclables were… Continue reading “Recycling In The U.S. Is Broken”