New Technologies

Contrary to a widespread image, computer scientists or experts in new technologies are not researchers passionate about technique, immersed in their algorithms, hermetic to the outside world.

Even creators and system administrators have to meet the needs of customers.

But if you want to marry your passion for new technologies and your taste for contact with others, other trades will better meet your aspirations. Training users in new hardware and software, assisting them or troubleshooting them are activities that call on advanced technical and relational skills.

Finally, for all those who love selling, the marketing of high-tech products can also be a very interesting activity.

Be at the forefront of technology

When computer systems and networks have been created in the enterprise, engineers and technicians became responsible for exploiting them, maintaining them and improving them by following technological developments. 24 hours a day, they make sure they run smoothly so that everyone can always access all the information they need to work.

If the performance of a company’s computer and telecom networks is very important, their security is vital: engineers must protect them from viruses, hackers, and guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

Always on the lookout for a malfunction or technological developments, IT managers are responsible for the purchase and the good condition of all IT equipment companies.

Create, invent

For a video game character to live and evolve on the screen, for a computer to recognize the voice, to sort, archive, exchange millions of information in a bank, so that your friends receive your text message, it is clear at a certain moment men must have transmitted this intelligence to the machine.

Researchers, analyst-programmers, computer and electronics engineers are inventing ever more sophisticated software to meet the needs of their customers.

For the Rover robot to explore the planet Mars, to maintain a constant temperature in a house, trigger watering at a fixed time or its coffee when it wakes up, it requires the intervention of professionals of robotics, home automation, a science that mixes computers, electronics, telecommunications: they program and coordinate tasks between them.

Finally, to be able to call all over the world, so that all departments or subsidiaries of a company can communicate with each other, networks must be created to allow the flow of information.

It is the work of network architects, information system architects who analyze needs, imagine, test technical solutions and oversee their implementation.